Why You Lose Your Hair

Reasons for Hair Loss

We owe hair loss to our genes
The root cause of hair loss in both female and male is DHT.
Though women pay lots of attention to their hair and go in for treatments such as hair coloring and styling, hair loss is a common problem that is not much talked about. Chances are that she is the only person who notices her thinning hair, but it does have a great negative impact on her self –esteem and everytime she looks into the mirror she is reminded of it. Some of them many even go as far as wearing wigs or hair extensions to camouflage this hair loss. Revivogen has proved to be an effective solution for treating women’s hair loss too. The primary cause for hair loss in women too is DHT. Revivogen contains natural ingredients with anti DHT properties that stop hair thinning and hair loss triggering the production of strong and healthy hair.

hair loss product for women

  1. Androgen receptors are the gateways through which testosterone makes its way into the hair follicle cells. Testosterone undergoes enzymatic reactions once inside these follicle cells. This process results in a by product; Di-Hydro Testosterone (DHT) the root cause of hair loss.
  2. 5-alpha reductase (5AR), an enzyme found inside the hair follicle cells converts testosterone to form DHT.
  3. This DHT on interaction with the hair follicle DNA, triggers the genes responsible for hair loss and slows down the natural hair growth process.
  4. Inhibition of hair production results in the degeneration of the hair follicles and production of thinner, finer hairs. In due course of time it results in the cessation of hair production and the death of the hair follicles.