Advanced Skin and Hair, Inc. celebrates its 10th anniversary.
Revivogen® has been an overwhelming success and is now available around the globe. After the launch of Revivogen, the same effective anti-DHT technology was used to develop Clearogen, a revolutionary anti-acne system. And most recently, Advanced Skin and Hair launched the Rejuve MD anti-aging system, which harnesses the age-reversing power of growth factors.
Advanced Skin and Hair, Inc. is always on the cutting edge, and has been featured at the following News stations.
extra-logo Extra: The second longest-running entertainment magazine on television featured Revivogen and Dr. Khadavi on Dec. 9, 2010 segment of LifeChangers.
fox_news_title Fox 11: Serving the greater Los Angeles area, Fox 11 is one of the most-watched Fox affiliates in the country.
kt_logo KTLA 5 This CW affiliate serves the Los Angeles and Southern California areas.
news_12 News 12 New Jersey: With more than 1.8 viewers in the metropolitan New York area, News 12 offers breaking news 24 hours a day.
losangels UPN 13: Part of the Fox 11 family, UPN 13 serves Los Angeles and Southern California.
univision Univision: As the leasing Spanish-language cable network in the United States, Univision is available in markets across the United States.
warner_logo New Jersey Time Warner: One of the largest cable providers in the country, Time Warner tailors coverage to residents of New Jersey and the metropolitan New York area