Scientific Analysis of treatment for Hair Thinning

Both internal and external factors contribute towards hair loss and/or thinning of hair. Unlike various other synthetic or natural products available in the market today, Revivogen controls the production of DHT and optimizes hair production using scientifically proven, natural ingredients.

DNA responsible for the genetic blueprint and instructions given to cells on how to act is present in the nuclei of the cells. Genetic makeup is partly responsible for hair growth and also the DNA inherited from both the parents determines the tendency for hair loss. The hair loss genes if present can be triggered by DHT found in both women and men after puberty. Though hair loss is genetic but timely intervention can either stop or reverse it.
Androgen receptors act as gateways for testosterone to enter the hair follicle cells. This testosterone interacts with enzymes present to form an unwanted byproduct Di-Hydro Testosterone(DHT). The main purpose of Revivogen is to block the androgen receptors thereby preventing testosterone to enter into the hair follicles.

Hair Follicle cells contain an enzyme 5-alpha reductase (5AR) that is responsible for converting testosterone to DHT. The DHT in turn interacts with the genes for hair loss genes hindering normal hair production. Inhibition of 5AR enzymes is achieved by Revivogen that helps reduce DHT production.

Hair loss genes become dormant in the absence of or with reduced production of DHT. This stops hair loss and subsequently hair follicles start producing normal healthy hair once again. Revivogen is made up of natural ingredients and provides amazing results by stimulating and activating the growth of hair follicles.