Hair Loss Myths

Losing hair is associated with a lot of misconceptions. Differentiating fact from fiction is very important and as such we have listed down a few of the most common hair loss myths.

Myth #1: Poor circulation causes hair loss
Several remedies are available in the market that claim to improve blood circulation to the scalp but little do people know that blood flow is in no way related to hair loss and neither does an increased blood flow boost hair growth. To support this, we see that hairs transplanted to a bald area thrive and grow proving that blood circulation is same in balding area as other areas of the scalp.

Myth #2: Clogged follicles cause hair loss.
Clogged hair follicles do not lead to hair loss instead cause ingrown hairs. Hair care products or shampoos that claim to open clogged pores do not facilitate hair growth nor do they stop hair loss.

Myth #3: Poor Nutrition causes hair loss.
Though temporary hair shedding may be due to certain deficiencies in your diet, hair care supplements and products that boast of providing extra minerals and vitamins to boost hair growth do not do so neither do they stop hair loss.

Myth #4: Mites and other organisms cause hair loss.
Though mites and other organisms are blamed for hair loss there is no evidence to prove this. Although mites or microorganisms are found on our scalp, pillow, beds etc. they do not cause hair loss. Also products that claim to kill them do not reduce hair fall or help in hair regrowth.

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