Hair Loss Myths

You might have come across a lot of old wives’ tales and myths about hair loss. In the section below we have tried to differentiate between fact and fiction to get a clear understanding about hair loss.

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Myth #1: Poor blood circulation causes hair loss
It has been found that increased blood circulation to the follicles stops
 nor reverses the effects of hair loss. As such products that claim to do so and reduce/stop hair loss are ineffective. To support this we see that when balding areas get healthy DHT resistant hairs transplanted from the back of the scalp, they thrive and grow.

Myth #2: Clogged follicles cause hair loss.
Clogged follicles do not cause hair loss but may cause ingrown hairs. As such products that claim to open clogged pores such as shampoos or other hair care products may help prevent ingrown hairs rather than reversing or stopping hair loss.

Myth #3: Poor nutrition causes hair loss.
Though temporary hair shedding may be due to certain deficiencies in your diet but such cases are very rare. Hair care supplements and products that boast of providing extra minerals and vitamins neither boosts hair growth nor stop hair loss
. Unless you get the root cause, i.e. (DHT) treated, reversing hair loss or stopping it is difficult.

Myth #4: Mites and other organisms cause hair loss.
Though mites and other organisms are blamed for hair loss there is no evidence to prove this. Although mites or microorganisms are found on our scalp, pillow, beds etc. they do not cause hair loss. Also products that claim to kill them do not reduce hair fall or help in hair