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About Us: Revigen Medicare Pvt. Ltd.

Coherent Medical Systems ( Revigen Medical Pvt Ltd & Aakaar Medical Technologies Pvt Ltd) has acquired exclusive marketing & distribution rights of Revivogen of Advance Skin and Hair, Inc. USA.

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About: Advanced Skin and Hair, Inc.

Committed to offering our customers with the most powerful and effective solutions for skin and hair problems such as hair loss, Advanced Skin and Hair products are natural and thus have no side effects. Our products are based on revolutionary medical breakthroughs and scientific research and are designed to recover from a variety of skin and hair problems safely and effectively.
Developed by board-certified, renowned dermatologist Alex Khadavi, MD and launched by Advanced Skin and Hair, Inc. in 1999, Revivogen® has since been recognized as an effective and potent remedy for hair loss by customers and medical experts alike. The phenomenal success rates of Revivogen has made Advanced Skin and Hair as a trendsetter in the field of skin and hair care.

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